Harbour Sentinel

The Harbour Sentinel is owned and operated by the Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC) and represents only one of a large fleet of spill-response vessels along British Columbia’s West Coast.

Amid concerns about spill potential from the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, the corporation recently increased their fleet by 50 vessels and hired over 100 new employees. Their fleet is compliant with Transport Canada regulations. For more information about Western Canada Marine Response, go to:  http://wcmrc.com/

The Harbour Sentinel was brought in for sandblasting and repainting of the hull. Upon inspection, heavy pitting in the hull was noted. The engine will be repainted, decks sandblasted, new fender rubbers and swim grid installed, and the mast will be cut and flanged so that it can be bolted on or off easily. Existing engines are solid mounted but will be replaced with resilient mounts to reduce noise and vibration.

Harbour Sentinal, In progress June 2021
2021.11.05 HARBOUR SENTINEL (1)

Status: Complete

Vinyl wrapping was removed to prepare for a full repaint. Compromised portions of the hull were removed and hull inserts were welded into place. Resilient mounts were installed and the engine room frame was modified to maintain alignment with new mounts.

Top Picture: from WCMRC 2022 http://wcmrc.com/preparedness/vessels/

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