Boatyard Policies

All persons in the Boatyard are responsible for reading and complying with the Boatyard Rules & Practices.
A copy can be obtained at the boatyard office.

Half Lift

1 hour maximum in slings. $100 per additional 30 minutes.

Full Lift

Water to Blocks to Water; Trailer to Blocks to Water; Water to Blocks to Trailer; Trailer to Blocks to Trailer.
**Additional charges may be applied to full bunk trailers.

Environmental Fee

$35 per vessel up to 50 feet; $50 per vessel 50 feet and up

Pressure Wash

  • $4.50 per foot up to 49 feet;
  • $6.50 per foot for vessels 50′ and over
  • $7.00 per foot for large displacement vessels (tug boats etc)

Heavy Growth Removal

Additional $1 per foot if staff have to scrape off heavy growth of barnacles/mussels etc.

Extra Handling Charge

Additional 10% added to lift charge for lift requiring extra assistance.


For bottom paint removal all hulls will require a custom quote. Please ask at the boatyard office.

After hours/Emergency Lifts

Emergency after hours lifts will also have a 4-hour minimum charge, per person at overtime rate.

Tidal Restrictions

Lift times depend on tide and vessel draft. Overtime charges apply for vessels requiring lifts outside business hours.


Additional charges may apply for electricity usage.

Moorage at Ocean Pacific Dock

Space is limited, check with office for availability, charges will apply at layday rates

no open sanding or grinding


Vessel Owners

All Work Orders as well as Boatyard Rules & Practices must be signed prior to services being provided.
All charges are to be paid at the boatyard office prior to vessel launch.
Your work area must be kept clean. Additional clean up charge of $95 per hour will apply for if work area not left clean.

Yard Equipment

Items such as scaffolding, sanders & yard equipment are available for a rental fee. See the office for more info.

Boatyard Rules & Practices

A copy can be obtained at the Boatyard Office and must be signed upon arrival.
All persons in the Boatyard are responsible for reading and complying with the Boatyard Rules & Practices.

Vessel Access

Ladders included in layday rates, steel staircases for rent at $30 per day for vessels owners doing their own work.


All contractors must comply with the Contractors Agreement prior to performing work in the Boatyard.
All contractors must sign in & out at boatyard office daily. See office for more info. Contractors working directly for the owner are responsible for paying a $10/per hour yard use fee.


Ocean Pacific provides a fenced yard, onsite cameras, and has monitored wireless motion sensors available. However, customers are responsible for the security of their vessel and its contents. See the Boatyard Rules & Practices for more information on Security.


Rates will be charged by overall length of the vessel. Subject to change without notice and do not include taxes.

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For bookings & inquires

Please contact 250.286.1011 or email