Pilot Boat – Pacific Guardian

Pilot Boat for the Pacific Pilotage Authority

Ocean Pacific was contracted to construct a state-of-the-art Pilot boat for the Pacific Pilotage Authority. The craft has been constructed in aluminium and was built to Lloyd’s Class rules. The craft features a MAN tier III emissions system, offering reduced diesel emissions. For more information on this project, visit:  https://oceanpacificmarine.com/latest-news/pilot-boat-for-the-pacific-pilotage-authority/


In September 2021, The Pacific Guardian was splashed for the last time after some final finishing touches, and left Campbell River for Victoria where it will join a fleet of four other vessels for the Pacific Pilotage Authority. This state of the art pilot boat will aid in carrying out safe, reliable, and efficient marine piloting duties in coastal BC waters including the Fraser River.


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