WESMAR Pleasure Boat Thrusters

Thrusters for Fiberglass, Aluminum, Steel and Wood Vessels 30 to 200 Feet


  • Stainless Steel Props
  • Low Maintenance Design
  • Easy Retrofit and Upgrade
  • More Thrust per Input Power
  • Precise Control

Easy Retrofit:

Upgrading your vessel has never been easier. WESMAR’s two bolt design allows for a simple
drop-in installation on existing metric sized tunnels. Both the V2-7 and V2-10 M models replace Max Power, Side Power, and Vetus Thrusters.

Upgrade Models
V2-7 M

  • 24 or 48 VCD Proportional
  • Tunnel Size: 185mm
  • Motor Sizes: 24 VDC 6 hp Brushless 48 VDC 13 hp

V2-10 M

  • 48 VDC Proportional
  • Tunnel Size: 250mm
  • Motor Size: 48 VDC 13 hp

DC Pro Thrusters: Direct Drive DC Electric 8-12 inch Thruster Motor sizes: 5 hp at 325 amps-12 VDC or 13 hp at 400 amps-24 VDC

Proportional Drive DC Electric 8-12 inch Thruster Motor Sizes: 5 to 13 hp & 24 to 48 VDC or 23 hp & 48 VDC
WESMAR’s proportional DC electric thrusters provide the advantages of continous operation and proportional control. This allows the operator to apply the appropriate thrust for the docking operation without worry of thermal shutdown of conventional DC systems.

WESMAR’s direct drive DC electric thrusters are available in two motor sizes and include the standard solenoid on/off switch control.

Hydraulic Drives: WESMAR hydraulic systems are the result of years of experience utilizing load sense pumps, piston motors, proportional control valves, high and low pressure filtering, various sensing devices and a variety of tanks to fit space requirements.

AC Electric: WESMAR provides AC electric thruster drives from 25 to 350 hp using reversible motors, frequency drives, and up to 5 fully proportional control stations.

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