Man Overboard System

Man Overboard System


Avoid the life threatening danger of a runaway boat! According to USCG statistics 161 deaths occurred in 2016 from falls overboard alone. Provide your customers with the next generation of wireless engine cut-off technology. Now with multiple FOB connectivity.

The MOB+™ Wireless Man OverBoard system is an innovative, ABYC compliant, life-saving safety device for your boat. It provides greater freedom of movement than a traditional kill switch lanyard, and stops the engine should you fall overboard.

Up to four xFOB’s can be connected to the xHUB at the same time, with one unit acting as the captain’s stop unit, and the additional three as alarm units for passengers.

The system consists of an easy to install xHUB™ (mounted on or near the boat console) and a wearable xFOB™. The two communicate wirelessly with each other and stop the engine when the xFOB is submerged in water or is beyond range of the xHUB.

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