Knot Accountable

A major refit for a family’s beloved 64’ Vantaire.

  • re-configure the aft-deck
  • update the galley and master state room
  • upgrade electronics and generators
  • add an upper pilot house
  • 3D laser scan for ± 2mm CAD plans
    • Viking Profiles
    • Surface & Edge 3D Scanning
    • Polar Design Sales Ltd.

The refit was generally intended to modernise the vessel and make it more comfortable. The main areas of concentration were to re-configure the aft-deck, update the galley and master state room, upgrade electronics and generators and to add an upper pilot house. A design was needed for the changes to the vessel. Since no current drawings existed, a new technique utilising a laser scan of the vessel was completed. This laser scan produced 3D CAD drawings of the vessel with an accuracy of ± 2mm. The scan data is so accurate that the design and computerised lofting was completed without any onsite measurements being taken.

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