Life Cell Marine

Life Cell Marine Safety Equipment

Life Cell Marine

Life Cell combines all essential safety equipment in a flotation device which significantly reduces the chance of these safety items being lost or unable to be found in time to abandon the vessel.

If you do end up in the water, Life Cell will not only keep you afloat it will keep everybody together and provide a stable platform from which to operate your safety equipment at the appropriate time

Model:  LF5                                                  Assists:  2-4 People


The smallest Life Cell that is designed to fit on smaller boats and can be used in inland or offshore waters.

The EPIRB is mounted externally on the side of the Life Cell and the internal compartment will fit all mandatory safety equipment, which can be purchased separately.

Mounting bracket is also included in the purchase price.

Dimensions (inches):

  • External: 15.74″ height x 16.73″ width x 6.69″ depth
  • Internal: 7.87″ height x 10.62″ width x 2.93″ depth

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