Knot Accountable

A major refit for a family’s beloved 64’ Vantaire.

  • re-configure the aft-deck
  • update the galley and master state room
  • upgrade electronics and generators
  • add an upper pilot house
  • 3D laser scan for ± 2mm CAD plans

In the late 1970’s Bill Ireland, a resident of Southern California, was invited by a client to join him on a fishing trip in Campbell River, British Columbia. Bill accepted the invitation and after a hearty breakfast at the iconic local Ideal Café, Bill was ready to hit the water for his first BC boating experience. Bill was immediately taken by the power of the ocean and the beauty of the surrounding areas. He had been searching for an escape from the high paced business world of Southern California and this experience gave him that escape. So, Bill decided it was time to buy his own boat. Bill came across a vessel know as a Vantaire that were being built in Taiwan and after doing some research he decided to purchase one.

Given Bill’s career as an accountant, he named the 64’ Vantaire the Knot Accountable. Bill was thrilled with his new purchase and spent many summers cruising around Desolation Sound and the surrounding areas, enjoying breaks at the April Point Marina on Quadra Island. One summer, there was an unfortunate accident that found the vessel in Campbell River in need of repair. After some challenges with a shipyard in Gold River the Knot Accountable was brought to Ocean Pacific Marine. Bill was thrilled with the friendly and accommodating service he got from owner, Bruce Kempling and Ocean Pacific Marine became his “go-to” shipyard in the area.

Over the next two decades Bill and his family continued to enjoy their summers boating in the Campbell River area. During this time Bill was contacted by a Quadra Island Historian who was searching for ancestors of a Quadra Island Pioneer by the name of Moses Ireland. The local historian was thrilled to learn that not only was Bill a descendant of Moses Ireland, his boat was parked right outside her window in Gowlland Harbour, Quadra Island. Click here for the full story by Jeanette Taylor.

Regardless of their new found roots in the area, Bill and his daughters have been spending less and less time boating in BC. In the summer of 2014 Bill was thinking hard about selling the Knot Accountable. After discussing this option with his daughters he quickly discovered how fondly they viewed their time in BC on the boat. The girls did not want to see the Boat go; they wanted to keep coming to BC. So, not only did Bill decide to keep the Knot Accountable, he also decided to purchase a house in Campbell River so he and his girls could have a home base when they came to the area.


  • Viking Profiles
  • Surface & Edge 3D Scanning
  • Polar Design Sales Ltd.

Once Bill decided to keep the Knot Accountable it became clear that it was time for some updates to the vessel. Bill hired Ocean Pacific to refit the vessel. The refit was generally intended to modernise the vessel and make it more comfortable. The main areas of concentration were to re-configure the aft-deck, update the galley and master state room, upgrade electronics and generators and to add an upper pilot house. A design was needed for the changes to the vessel. Since no current drawings existed, a new technique utilising a laser scan of the vessel was completed. This laser scan produced 3D CAD drawings of the vessel with an accuracy of ± 2mm. The scan data is so accurate that the design and computerised lofting was completed without any onsite measurements being taken.

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